Thursday, November 4, 2010

Enchanted Forest Baby Shower

This is a shower from back in September for a little baby girl. I wanted to do something very Celtic, ethereal, magical, and themed in a feminine, sophisticated way.


~ Scallop edged luminarias
~ Banquet table had white linens with a sea foam green runner. Along the runner were scattered river rocks, pinecones, faux moss covered rocks, small logs with jeweled butterflies perched on top, handmade pinecone taper candle holders, cream tapers of different heights, pillar and tealight candles, and underlit terrariums.
~ Trees were hung with white twinkle lights and extra faux ficus trees bordered the buffet table. The goal was to create a lush forest environment (in the middle of Phoenix!)
~ The gift table had a sign in "ale and wenches" font with fairy wings, ivy, and twinkle lights glowing through the linens.
~ Likewise, the game table was also underlit. There was greenery and instructions in the same fonts with a celtic knot band in the frame. The "magic pebbles" (the game was to guess the number of pebbles) were in an apothecary jar with a butterfly resting on top.
~ The buffet table was set on different levels, underlit with twinkle lights and draped with a taupe silk tablecloths and kelly green organza as well as pinecones and ivy. The servingware was a combination of clear glass, silver, and wood.
~ The chocolate fountain was set above an inverted trifle dish which also held several click lights (used to light the terrariums on the banquet table) with moss covered rocks and pinecones.
~ The crowning glory was the rear projected image of an enchanted forest with fairy lights that lined the buffet table. It provided some ethereal lighting as well as a large scenic piece.


Was tailored to the mom-to-be's tastes and options for her to eat with gestational diabetes

~ Cream cheese and chipotle chutney served with baguettes
~ Assorted vegetables with ranch dip
~ Fruits
~ Pretzel rods and marshmallows for dipping
~ Semi-sweet chocolate fountain
~ Iced water with floating lemon slices


~ I wanted to keep the environment as candlelit as possible so I needed a game that could be short and done in a well lit location and then allow the guests to enjoy munching and mingling the rest of the time until gift opening. So I did the "guess how many" game. I provided 2" green circles for guests to write their names and guesses on and place in a small silver container. The winner received a chocolate fondant covered chocolate cake with raspberry filling and a Celtic knot border along the bottom. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture after I made it.


The ambient music really did a lot to set the tone of the party. There were songs from
~ Braveheart soundtrack
~ Celtic Woman
~ Lord of the Rings soundtrack

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