Monday, June 14, 2010

Luau Surfer Cake- Take 2!

My friend decided to do her son's second birthday in a surfer theme because she liked the cake I had made for the luau bridal shower, and requested another one for his birthday. I was happy to oblige and actually much prefer the way this one turned out. It is white and chocolate marbled cake, with five layers of fudge filling. The base is just the marbled cake, and the whole cake is covered in buttercream (for the waves, I just tinted it blue, and didn't mix it in completely to give it a more streaked, current-y look, and the buttercream under the beach tier is a light tan color). Unfortunately, I was in such a rush to get out the door I didn't get to snap any pictures, but she sent me this one.

If you ever find yourself needing "sand" on a confection, I found a good combination is finely crushed graham crackers with a titch of brown sugar to give it that shimmer that beach sand has. Lightly press the combination into tinted buttercream and brush off any excess crumbs around the base.

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