Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wild Wild West Birthday

This wild west themed party was a rootin' tootin' time for all the 3 year old varmints! The invitation was a sepia toned "wanted" poster complete with faded typeface and rustic burned edges.

For lunch at "Mis Kitty's Saloon", the children had franks 'n beans with cornbread served with beaten up silverware in pie tins, and to drink they had IBC root beer in brown glass bottles. The "cake" was steaming hot sopapillas with powdered sugar, and the birthday boy had to blow out Mexican sparkler candles while he made his wish.

The birthday boy got to wear his desperado hat, and six shooters with a fringed leather vest over a denim western shirt. The male party guests got a bandana to wear and the female guests had hand sewn old west bonnets.

The activity was reading "The Three Little Javelinas" (a Sonoran desert version of the three little pigs) while they ate and they got to "shoot the varmints" which were hand drawn cardboard versions of a diamonback rattlesnack, a javelina, and a coyote. The winners (which were all the children) received an old west prize. And of course, our lil' desperado rode off into the sunset on a trusty old horse.

The party was outside, so we had a large hand sewn quilt to spread on the ground for storytime, and while not in use was folded and sitting atop a bale of hay. There was an old west "Miss Kitty's Saloon" sign hanging above the food, and the "varmints" served as decoration as well as an activity. We had a red checkered tablecloth spread on top of an old wooden table, and black and white pictures printed out of famous old cowboys and placed in antique and western frames. But the best decoration was probably the horse.

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