Monday, April 28, 2014

Highland Games

  • tree stump cake (chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream) by Laura Cannon
  • bear paw cookies
  • Scottish buns
  • will o' the wisp cotton candy
  • fruit and nut cups
  • Scottish shortbread
  • witch's brew (root beer with dry ice)
  • and ice water 

  • upon entry, guests picked a clan and got Merida hair
  • the Crafter Carver had monogrammed burlap drawstring pouches for the girls to string wood beads on necklaces or bracelets and also had rope to learn a Celtic knot
  • The Highland Games had 3 parts of the competition: 
  1. archery (each girl received a bow and arrow they got to take home)
  2. caber toss
  3. haggis toss (beanbags through a castle walls with window cutouts)

  • bagpipes

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