Sunday, January 19, 2014


Well, I have obviously let my blog go to pot.  This is my feeble effort of trying to revive it.  I may add some backdated posts... may...

In the meantime, enjoy some "Frozen" inspiration.  My daughter fell in love with the movie and wanted to be Elsa for Halloween.  So I made her dress a little big for room to grow and thought if we have a dress, why not have a party?!

She invited friends from her class and we played
  • pin the nose on Olaf
  • musical chairs
  • "freeze" dance
  • "freeze" tag
and each of the winners got a prize
  • nail polishes
  • glittery lipstick and makeup
  • "polar ice" gum
  • snowflake earrings
Each girl got a ribbon twirler so they could through out snow and ice the way Anna does, tied onto "Olaf" arms, and got to cut paper snowflakes.

And then we generally just played and had cake with vanilla ice shards, hot cocoa, Olaf noses, and melted snowman (water) as refreshments.

It looks like a party of one, but I am not posting pictures of our guests out of respect for privacy.

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kellebelle said...

So cute! Does she know that she is the luckiest girl ever? It is wonderful that you live in a climate where you can do this party outdoors and simply recreate the frozen atmosphere with decorations. :)