Friday, April 20, 2012

Weird Science

~ experiment written out in scientific method steps, delivered in a petri dish

~ green and orange color scheme
~ modern science class based decorations as opposed to "mad scientist" scheme
~ "chalkboard" backdrop to buffet table set with different shapes and sizes of flasks with multicolored liquid and dry ice, connected with clear pvc tubing
~ 3 lab tables with activities covered with green tablecloths

~ fruit molecules (clementines and grapes with toothpick hydrogen bonds)
~ bunsen burner bagel bites
~ orange jell-o agar
~ sprite with food color mixing station served in test tubes(the kids went a little overboard creating their own compounds!)
~ brain cake, which later when dissected, showed to have a white cake interior with orange and green sprinkles

~ 2 different slippery slimes
~ microscope viewing
~ make your own snow
~ after gift opening, the grand finale was a diet coke and mentos geyser

~ lab coats
~ goggles
~ i.d. badges custom made for each child
~ a  test tube of mentos to take home and do their own coke experiment (or eat!)

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