Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rained Out

After hours and hours of planning and work, the "shower" shower was rained out.  I jinxed it by choosing this theme!  Nevertheless, after the party was moved inside it was still a success and everyone got to sit around visiting and eating a delicious brunch while staying nice and dry.  I did take a couple pictures as I was setting up amongst drizzle and wind, but without the food table and the gift table complete, and without the long banquet table with the centerpieces.  So it's just a glimpse of the original design.

Decor: a green and blue color scheme with lots of rain and umbrellas
~ Blue background with 2" white circle garlands hanging in strips to mimic the raindrops on the invitation, in front of gift and game table set with white tablecloth and light green runner.
~ Umbrella graphic made on Tagxedo in a green frame, given to the mommy to be as a gift after the shower.
~Banquet table (would have) had white linens, light green runners, and blue umbrella centerpieces with a crystal "rain drop" hanging from each rib at different heights.  The base of the centerpieces were painted terra cotta pots filled with iridescent shreds to look like water, and translucent blue oblong marbles to mimic puddles scattered along the table runner.
~ Food, tableware, and beverage tables were set with white linens.  The buffet table had a blue circle garland scalloped on the front with a sky blue background behind the table and white "cloud" tissue poms hanging above with more crystal raindrops hanging from each cloud.
~ Drink tags at the (non-alcoholic) mimosa station were light green umbrellas held in a footed vase with a blue pen.
~ Not everyone at the shower knew each other so we played a get-to-know-you game and the winner received a rain scented room spray and candle.
~ And as always, gift opening and eating!
~ creme brule french toast
~ green salad tossed with fruit
~ mandarin orange salad
~ cheddar cheese strata
~ mini muffins with butter and fruit spread
~ "funeral" potatoes (riced potatoes baked in a casserole with onions, cheese, etc.)
~ carafes of ice water with and without lemons
~ grapefruit mimosa

~ The soundtrack consisted of about 20 songs having to do with rain, umbrellas, sun, and the sky.

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