Sunday, May 9, 2010

Victorian Children's Garden Party

~ Was divided into three areas: food table, grass seating area in front of backdrop, and children's garden in its' own enclosed gated area, planted just for the birthday girl.

~ The food area had a ring canopy surrounding the buffet and Martha Stewart poms hanging from the pergola. The table itself was set with a white tablecloth, daisy chain on white ribbon scalloped on front, and a green cotton runner. The cake was set on an inverted willow planter and rested in a terra cotta saucer with wheat grass planted several weeks before the party. The food labels were printed in the coordinating party font, mounted on pastel pink cardstock which had corners punched with a fleur de lis pattern, and glued on dowels that were anchored in mini pots and stuffed with spanish moss. I tied a small green bow just below every sign. I used a combination of silver platters, and willow baskets wrapped with ribbon with lace and flowers to create a feeling of a Victorian era picnic. The lemonade was served in a thin steel watering can.

~ On the side was the gift counter (covered in a tablecloth) with a Beatrix Potter print, and a decoupaged bunny. The other side counter was also covered in a tablecloth and had the favors, which were terra cotta pots with chocolate cakes baked inside, tinted white chocolate rose pops, and seed packets. To decorate the area, I placed white silk tulips, chunky vintage candlesticks with white pillar candles, and a "bouquets of happiness" sign that I got from Michael's on Easter clearance.

~ I made a backdrop to look like blue sky with butterflies, and a white picket fence which was hung in the shed door, and put a small white wire fence in front which I wrapped with floral garlands.

~ The children's garden had a stained glass butterfly stake from Costco and a borrowed, faux wood and rock children's picnic table where they ate their lunch.

~ "Our little green thumb has grown to be three. Come celebrate the budding of another year and 'leaf' the fun to us"
~ Design from

~ Open face chicken apple salad sandwiches on homemade wheat bread
~ Grape tomatoes
~ Carrots from the garden with the green tops
~ Strawberry and peach tartlets in cream cheese dough shells
~ Strawberry malted milk balls
~ Milk chocolate cake pops anchored in small river rocks in a Mason jar
~ Strawberry pound cake with lemon curd filling (which I covered in buttercream and rolled fondant and hand painted to match the invitation)
~ Homegrown lemonade and water

~ Musical botanic illustrations. I punched the corners of quarter poster board with a matching fleur de lis stamp as the food labels, and then tea stained the board before pressing and gluing on printed Victorian pictures of fruit and vegetable botanical illustrations. I set them in a ring and the concept was for the children to walk in a circle on them and when the music stopped, to find one and sit down. I thought if they got the hang of it, we'd start pulling pictures and do it musical chair style until there was a winner. They didn't get the hang of it.
~ Strawberry scented bubble blowing.

~ All in the Golden Afternoon (Alice in Wonderland soundtrack where the flowers sing)
~ Little April Shower (Bambi soundtrack)
~ Dawn (Pride and Prejudice soundtrack)
~ Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68 performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
~ Prelude by Bach
~ Canon (piano) by Pachelbel
~ Can't Slow Down (Pride and Prejudice soundtrack)
~ Georgiana (Pride and Prejudice)

And I created a blog for information before the party and to post pictures after the party for parents to view and save of their own children. It was a beautiful day and made for a beautiful mess afterward!

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