Monday, March 22, 2010

New Moon on the Big Screen

sign on the front door

A very quickly put together backyard movie night, but so fun nonetheless.

~ red, black, and white theme
~ canopy made out of black organza
~ white paper lanterns
~ white and red linens
~ black drink displays with click lights under glass
~ shepherd's hooks stringing white lights and lanterns along walkway
~ 8x10 movie screen and black drape
~ clear glass, and black and red serving ware, cups and napkins
~ vases filled with floating apples (red and reminiscent of the Twilight book cover art), wrapped in 2" black ribbon
~ black frames with book and movie quotes printed at Kinko's (the file can be found at
~ red and white candles
~ white lights cast a warm glow as they diffused through white linens on the side tables

~ red licorice in coordinating vase wrapped with black ribbon
~ brownie "bites"
~ 3 blood types in carafes and bottle with black lid- V8 Fruit Fusion, Hawaiian Punch, and traditional V8 (again the labels can be found at
~ popcorn drizzled with red butter to look like blood (it only tinted it- if I were to do it again I think it would make it more opaque and make popcorn balls but there was no time)

~ the movie! We got New Moon on Blu-ray and watched it cuddled up with blankets and pillows. It was beautiful in a macabre way, and so fun- an event even Alice Cullen would be proud of!

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