Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

~ white and red satin linens
~ tissue paper cherry branches in black and white shoji lanterns
~ carved wooden Chinese dragon
~ white paper lanterns with red satin ribbon and gold paper lanterns
~ white Chinese takeout boxes, with chopsticks wrapped in a red napkin tied with a black organza ribbon inside- the birthday boy had a black setting to set him apart
~ a handmade mural of the yellow mountains as a backdrop, and other Chinese art on the walls
~ two banners with handpainted Chinese characters hung vertically from bamboo poles flanking the dining area

~ parchment paper was printed in vertical lines using a Chinese font with a "proverb" inviting them to come to the party, learn age old Kung Fu skills and bring honor to their family. Each parchment was rolled into a scroll and sealed with a dragon wax seal

~ vegetable lo mein
~ spring rolls
~ chicken potstickers
~ dipping sauce
~ two tiered Chinese pagoda cake with sparklers meant to look like fireworks as birthday candles

~ sensei says (a variation of simon says with martial arts poses)
~ guests were taught martial arts defense by a karate student
~ eating and present opening!

~ large homemade fortune cookies with a special thank you fortune inside, wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with black organza ribbon and tag with each child's name
~ any leftovers from lunch were taken home in their own Chinese takeout containers

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