Monday, May 25, 2009

Arabian Nights Baby Shower

A Moroccan bazaar scene rear projected. Bellydancing music piped in the background while incense was lit on a table. Guests sat between the bazaar and the buffet on the patio to give a feeling of being at an Arabian marketplace.

The cake and game tent (pre-party)

The buffet table was tented by a tulle canopy and had small metal and glass Moroccan lanterns hanging around it (this picture was taken before the whole buffet was set, pre-party as well)

The guests started to arrive. On the tables are hand sewn red satin table covered and handmade hexagonal Moroccan lanterns. I made two warm dual-toned, and two cool dual-toned. In the dark the candlelight glowed through beautifully.

The gift table before the guests started arriving. The monkey is wearing a homemade fez.

The game was to cut a piece of string to closest fit our guest of honor's belly. The winner received and organic mix of spanish peanuts, honeyed almonds, and roasted pistachios with an almond sugar scrub. I hand drew the pregnant belly dancer and painted the frame a vibrant purple for the guest's instructions.

The cake was a hexagonal homemade spice cake, with homemade caramel frosting and I covered it in a white fondant which was painted to look like Arabic tile designs.

There was also a small table at the entryway draped in a shawl, adorned with a real small clay genie lamp and lit with a brass lamp where the guests were instructed to write three wishes for the new baby, or pieces of advice in a cute little book for the new mom that she can take home to remind her of her special evening.

The menu consisted of:

~ pita
~ hummus
~ tabbouleh
~ rice pilaf
~ olives
~ falafel balls
~ rice and beef stuffed grape leaves
~ vegetarian stuffed grape leaves
~ tahini yogurt dipping sauce
~ the caramel and fondant covered spice cake

ice water with lemon wedges floated in a beautiful hexagonal glass decanter to echo the hexagonal Moroccan lantern and mosque cake theme.

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